Pin Grading

All pins are made through a manufacturer and are made with hand-mixed and filled enamel. Therefore, even standard grade pins can have very minor errors. When purchasing pins, you'll most likely have a choice between A, B, & C grades.

By purchasing a pin from my shop, you are agreeing to my grading standards below:

♡ A grade (standard):
These pins are the best of the batch and are practically perfect. They may have minor errors that can only be seen under a magnifying glass or in certain lighting. Note that if there are any errors in these pins, they are minuscule and don't affect the overall visual of the pin.
Examples include: super tiny scratches, minor dust, very minor area of overfill or underfill

♡ B grade:
These pins will have small imperfections that are more noticeable, but still don’t take away from the pin’s overall aesthetic.
Examples include: small dust/dots, small scratches on the enamel or metal

♡ C grade (seconds):
These pins have noticeable flaws that can be easily seen. I would recommend C grade pins for normal everyday wear as they’re still great to show off without having to protect them constantly.
Examples include: underfill/overfill areas, small areas of missing enamel, small bubbles.